About Us

We are a group of Artists, designers, historians, photographers and all round lovers of maps and art who slowly came together to produce these inspiring, beautiful and educational maps.

We are never sure if we are in fact making art based maps or map based art. Either way we do our best to produce something highly original that friends and family along with you the customer can hang on your walls for a great conversation piece with your friends and family.


How we got started.

We have always been big fans of classic maps from the renaissance era and loved the beautiful art , sea monsters and framing used in classic maps. Over time the art that surrounded these classic maps became less and less popular.

Why art slowly became phased out of classic maps.

If you take a quick look at maps over time you will see a definite pattern emerging of at becoming less popular over time. At first this seemed strange to us until we realized that one reason is that art was often used to cover areas of 'tierra incognita' (unknown lands). The less cartographers knew about an area the more art was used as a way of covering the terrain. 

Quite often an angelic cherub or coat of arms will appear exactly where information of the land finishes. In the 16th century the Americas were just beginning to be mapped and Australia was amongst the lesser known areas of the planet.